Tomb Escape Walkthrough Android

By | November 13, 2012

Play Unique Room Escape games with full-bodied Chinese customs created by CWA Games on your android, the adventure to the mystery tomb. See the guide here : tomb escape walkthrough to find the puzzle solution and answer that you stuck !

click ‘new game’ to start and you can continue your progress for this game when you exit later πŸ™‚

here are the help guide :
use lighter from inventory and light it by slide it to right now put it to candle, combine 2 items into lampshade then put it on the candle
get the blue gem on mighty buddha statue, click the item on table to move out to another room

take a ring on the right near 2 statue, and also the ancient chinese coin
zoom in between the statue to see a dark hole, remember this spot because we’ll be back here later

go to right and get a chinese bowl under the table
and solve the puzzle on the table by moving the big square through to the middle, and you’ll get 8 wooden plates with mysterious symbols
get a yellow projectile from the wood on right

go to next room on right where you can see a statue, take the sword

move to next room with 2 dragons
use the bowl to get some mercury from mercury pool also zoom in the right side to get a golden key

back to the room with 2 statue, still remember the hole ? now pour the mercury inside the hole
you’ll get a silver key
use it on the leather chest on left to get a strange liquid and a purple gem

go to the right and see break the skull with your sword to get a glowing pearl
use the golden key to open chestbox and get a multi-functional saber and red gem from it

now go right and use the pearl to the dragon, the casket will open
get a silk woven belt
and we’re missing yellow gem here, does anyone can help to find the yellow gem ?

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  • apn

    What is the four digit password with that chainese letters?

    • admin

      top, bottom, right, left

  • kat

    Associe la BΓ€lle jaune avec la lime du couteau suisse vous obtiendre une poudre

  • keech

    the yellow gem is on the wooden pole on the right side of the table. double-click the pole to zoom it.

  • keech

    i’m sorry… it’s not a stone. you can transform that yellow thing into power. lol

  • keech

    combine the claw & the belt & use it to open the chest between the two dragons. solve the minigame to get ‘a scroll with a picture.

    use the ‘strange liquid’ from the leather case on the rusty box, then use the saber to open it. you’ll get a notebook & the YELLOW GEM.

    turn the saber into a cork screw then combine it with the yellow projectile to transform it into powder. combine the yellow powder & mercury to get ‘crimson grit’

    combine ‘crimson grit’ & the ring then combine it with the scroll. you will get a MARKED MAP.

    put the stones on the casket & you will get a eight wooden plates with mysterious symbols.

    ….. and this is where I got stuck. ;p

  • keech

    use the sword on the rock near the door. you have to solve another mini-puzzle to get a small green statue & use it to open the door.

  • Happy

    Use the long sword to hit the big stone beside the door and u will get a green statue

  • raul

    place the 4 emeralds by corresponding color on edge of coffin. the corpse will be lifted up, and underneath him is the solution to the ying yiang puzzle. you get the jade statue and you place it to the right of the door on the wall. the door will open then, you are free !

  • tayler

    Yh but HOW do u solve the yin yang puzzle? I know u use the yin yang plate but wat order? Ive tried everything!!!

  • pushkar

    I cant find the rock . please describe where it is.. i cant find it .

  • lori

    The rock is by the curtin or cloth.

  • einell

    Where can I find a mercury

  • stew

    Mercury is in the tub below the two Dragon heads holding the chest. And for the yin yang puzzle the answer is on the yin yang symbol you get from under the corpse.

  • Lanny

    i’m still not understand a password for chinesse letter πŸ™

  • Lanny

    password for chinesse letter please πŸ™

  • suntan

    What do i do with the sage statue

  • nikita

    The password for the Chinese password is on the ancient symbols

  • Sandra

    cant find where to put the Jade statue, Please help!!


    match the chinese password with the coin


    Jade statue is appear if you solve the ying yang puzzle