Treasure Isle A Fancy Foundation Quest Loose Bones

By | July 15, 2011

After you finish with taking shape, now for part 4 of sphinx quest : treasure isle a fancy foundation

just like before there’s a confusing requirement, this time you must find loose bones – find any type of bones

a fancy foundation requirements :
– collect 6 paint swatches
– collect 12 loose bones
– upgrade your egyptian sphinx


which map to find loose bones in treasure isle ?
Here are some isles with bones thx to Momo Ende :
reginald’s isles: perilous parlay -> 7 bones
sharks’ tale: pirate shaman -> 3 bones
pirate isles: pirate pub -> 1 bones
pirate isles: the great battle -> 4 bones
mysterious seas: dead man’s reef -> 2 bones
pirate barricade: deadman pass -> 2 bones

or you can find all in 1 map thx to eyzeofblue :
Reginald’s Isles: Forgotten Vaults – 8 Bones, 3 Skulls, 2 Ribs = 13 Total

Reginald’s Isles: Perilous Parley – 3 Skulls, 4 Bones
Pirate Barricade: Deadman Pass – 2 Skulls
Mysterious Seas: Dead Man’s Reef – 2 Skulls
Shark’s Tale: Pirate Shaman – 2 Skulls, 1 Rib
Pirate Isles: The Great Battle – 4 Skulls
Pirate Isles: Pirate Pub – 1 Skull
Ninja vs Pirates: Invaded Outpost – 1 Skull
Ninja vs Pirates: Ruffian Roost – 1 Skull
Ninja vs Pirates: When Legends Meet – 1 Skull

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  • Nor

    I have collect bones in all maps listed above, but it still not counted as collected. Why?

  • Nor

    I have collect all bones in all maps listed above, but it still consider as uncollected. Why?

  • vera

    Right, me too. Why ? all of the map I have opened, but it still not counted. Wasting my map fragment.
    Please Help me ?

  • Arsos

    Dont use the Forgotten Vaults…its NOT working with this quest

  • Stacy

    I spoke with Zynga support as I had the same problem – the bones were not counting. They applied the cash to my account to finish the quest, and are looking into the problem.

  • ala

    i have the same problem, please help:( 🙁

  • Mariela

    I tried the Zynga support chat and they applied the cash to my account as well.

  • Deidre

    I was having the same issue with the bones not collecting. I contacted Zynga support and they credited me with the 60 cash so I could complete the quest.

  • Ashley

    how do you get to zynga support chat?