Treasure Isle Taking Shape Quest

By | July 11, 2011

The third part of egyptian sphinx mission is out today : treasure isle taking shape quest

with the rocks all ship shape, it’s time to build the base ! there’s 1 requirement that quite confusing

3 requirements are :
1. collect chisles – you only need to ask 6 friends for this item
2. find stones for the monument – locate them all over treasure isle
3. upgrade your egyptian sphinx – collect the materials needed


now which map to find stones for the monument in treasure isle ?
you must find 20 rocks, and there’s no hint where to get it at all… but thanks to players from treasure isle forum, they already found which stones for monument !

Note : You have to find the gray rocks – the brown ones don’t work.

bobabzabar found:
Mayan 5 – three pools has 4, winding way has 7;
Mayan Isles – mayan rock has 3;
Mayan 2 – ancient quarry has 3 and calm pools has 4

Go to Mayan Isle – Mayan Isle – Mayan Rock map Mayan Isle II -Ancient Quarry & Calm Pool Mayan IV – Three Pool & Winding way.

Old Acquaduct has 4 and a couple of the smaller maps on the same page have a couple on there too.

i hope this can help you all 🙂

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  • eugenio

    calm pools has 5 rocks!!!

  • eugenio

    on jaguar passage there’re only 2 rocks

  • MartinM

    Thanks….running the Mayan islands now.

  • biffstiv

    I found 4 in one of the Asian islands. I can’t remember the exact name, but I think it sounded like Timeless Temple. Temple was part of the name. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

  • Jennie

    Crystal Dawn has 9