Trivia For Minecraft Cheats

By | December 31, 2014

Trivia For Minecraft Cheats Solution Answers ! Read the question and try to solve the puzzle to know how much do you really know about Minecraft game ? Put your knowledge to the test with Minecraft Trivia!
Trivia For Minecraft – Pocket Edition Pixel Quiz Challenge By Benkirane Karim BlueturtleApps

Trivia For Minecraft Answers
Level 1-1 Question : What are the basic units of most materials and terrain in the game called?
Answer: BLOCKS

Level 1-2 Question : What can be found in caverns underground?
Answer: LAVA

Level 1-3 Question : Who is the creator of Minecraft?
Answer: MARKUS PERRSON (should be persson)

Level 1-4 Question : What is the creator’s username?
Answer: NOTCH

Level 1-5 Question : “Minecraft” was created from an open-source game named __________ in 2009.

Level 1-6 Question : Who is the lead developer of Minecraft?
Answer: JEB

Level 1-7 Question : What is name of the method of producing refined goods in Minecraft, also known as melting, baking, cooking, burning, and producing?

Level 1-8 Question : What is powers a furnace for most smelts?

Level 1-9 Question : _______ are half-blocks>
Answer: SLABS

Level 1-10 Question : It is a block that is crafted by the player from wood.


Level 1-11 Question : It is both an indestructible and unmineable block.

Level 1-12 Question : It is a naturally occurring structure on Mushroom Islands and Roofed Forests.

Level 1-13 Question : How many different colors of Wool Dye are there?

Level 1-14 Question : Which is the hostile mob in the shape of a green cube in various sizes?
Answer: SLIME

Level 1-15 Question : How many different sizes of Slimes are there?
Answer: THREE

Level 1-16 Question : It is category of items that provide a player with varying levels of protection from common damage types, and appear graphically on the wearer.
Answer: ARMOR

Level 1-17 Question : You can increase hunger by eating ________.
Answer: FOOD

Level 1-18 Question : When the hunger bar is empty, you lose _________.
Answer: HEALTH

Level 1-19 Question : When the hunger bar is full, you will regain ________.
Answer: HEARTS

Level 1-20 Question : When the hunger bar drops to 0 hunger, how many hearts do you lose in easy mode?
Answer: FIVE

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