Turkey Roost FarmVille

By | November 6, 2010

Turkey Roost FarmVille ! a new limited edition constructible building.

farmville turkey roost

turkey roost can holds up to 40 Turkeys with 2 expansions.

have a chance of receiving baby turkeys to share, or an item that can be used in the upcoming thanksgiving holiday basket feature.

Harvesting your turkey roost can get baby turkey or special items that can be used in the upcoming thanksgiving basket event.

here’s the stages of turkey roost :

First you will need 30 materials : 10 nails, 10 bricks, 10 boards… but if you want to expand turkey roost then you will need more supplies. The first expansion will cost a total of 45 building parts, while the second expansion will cost 60 building parts

you can use this farmville materials links to build faster

when you finish here’s what you can see inside turkey roost :

harvest your turkey roost, and the grateful rescued turkeys inside may share with you special thanksgiving rewards during the holiday season, or if you’re lucky.. baby turkeys all year around !

for the special thanksgiving rewards i got a fruit cake, here’s the post :
xxx got some delicious fruit cake for taking such good cafe of their turkeys !
xxx was tending their turkey roost, when their granny decided that she was so pleased, she left them some fruit cake ! they have planty to share

your friends can click ‘try granny’s fruit cake’

the fruit cake is one of the items for thanksgiving holiday basket :
– fruit cake
– leaf candle
– stuffing
– casserole
– spiced cider


do you think this thanksgiving food is the same item that will be used for farmville thanksgiving feast ?

After the end of this limited edition event (December 1, 2010) you will not be able to purchase a new Turkey Roost frame in the Market, nor will you be able to acquire Fruit Cakes from harvesting your Turkey Roost. You’ll still be able to complete a Turkey Roost still in construction, expand it, receive Baby Turkeys from neighbors, and ask for turkeys in your feed.

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  • Aishwari

    I am not seeing turkey roost in my market.. And I want to buy.. So please let me know from where I have to buy? please reply soon..

  • Nilesh painaik

    i want turkey roost on mya farm