Tuscan Cow FarmVille

By | May 23, 2010

Tuscan Cow FarmVille ! to celebrate tuscany theme on farmville, we can see a brand new tuscany cow on farmville market !

farmville tuscan cow, available in farmville market for 20 days only, you can harvest milk for 80 coins every day.

how do you get tuscan cow on farmville ?
you can get farmville tuscan cow from the market in 2 ways :
1. purchase for 16 farm cash
using farm cash, you can buy as many as you’d like, and purchase one as gift for a neighbor

2. purchase for coins
locked tuscan cow on farmville market

how to unlocked tuscan cow for coins on farmville ?
you can unlock the ability to purchase the tuscan cow for coins by inviting more of your friends on facebook to play farmville.

If you have 7 neighbors or less, you’ll need to have at least 10 neighbors in total to unlock the Tuscan Cow for coins. (eg. If you have 4 neighbors, you’ll need to get 6 more neighbors to unlock the Cow)
If you have 8 or more neighbors, you only need to add three more neighbors to unlock the Tuscan Cow. (eg. If you have 9 neighbors, you’ll need to get to 12 neighbors in total)

NOTE : When the coin purchase is locked, you may see a larger number than +3 of your existing neighbors. This is just a small glitch, and no matter what number you’re seeing, so long as you have 8 or more neighbors you’ll only need to add three more to unlock it.

Once the coin purchase tuscan cow unlocked, it will be available in the Market for 10,000 Coins. You have a limit of a one Tuscan Cow for coins. Once purchased, you can post a feed to your friends letting them know about your new cow!

and a quick note from grimwell the community manager about the NOTE:
“if you see a message saying you need to double your neighbor count, or some other extra large number, it’s not reporting correctly.
the target number is different for everyone, but the end result is that we all need to add just a handful of them. not dozens.
i’ve made the team aware that it’s showing odd numbers to folks, but want you guys to know that i can unofficially report that it does seem to be showing what it should for some people”

oh yeah, the tuscan cow can produce tuscan calf if you have dairy farm + bull inside 🙂

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