Tutorial How to Create Roll Film Effect With Illustrator

By | April 14, 2009

Have you ever see this Roll Film effect ? Cool effect right ? You can combine this effect to make a great movie poster, or any kind of picture you want. Well this tutorial will teach you how to make that effect with Adobe Illustrator 😀

First open adobe illustrator and create a rectangle, pick rectangle tool then just click it once on stage. Fill width : 15 inches, height : 1 inches. Fill color with black, and remove the stroke.

Now click pen tool and make a line, width the same like rectangle. Change the stroke to white.

Next we want to duplicate it. Click the line, hold alt and put it at the bottom.

Hold shift, and click both line. Open stroke panel and use this setting :
weight : 5 pt
meter limit : 4
click dash line
dash : 7
gap : 5

Copy one of the line to the center , then use this setting for that line
weight : 43 pt
meter limit : 4
click dash line
dash : 50
gap : 5

aha ! we already got the roll film, now we want to make it look 3D

Open symbols panel, select all item on the stage and drag it to symbols panel. On symbol options fill it with roll film.

Create a wavy line, you could use pen tool or pencil tool

Now we use 3D effect, click the wavy linego to Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel.
for Extrude & Bevel Options you could use my setting, or maybe you could play the angle of the box yourself 😀

Still in Extrude & Bevel Options , click Map Art
now you must pick the top surface(#3 surface), the one like the image below. Then pick Roll Film symbol that you made, and click Scale to Fit button.

and do the same for the bottom surface(#4 surface).

Click Ok, DONE ! Congratulations ^^

If you confused with some of the step just ask ok 🙂
I hope this tutorial help you 😀

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