Upgrade General Store Missions Frontierville

By | November 13, 2010

Upgrade General Store Missions Frontierville is here ! meet a new character, frontierville Hank

frontierville general store missions

upgrade your general store so you can get a boosted general store and purchase some new boosts in frontierville 🙂

here are the 4 general store missions :

Frontierville Expand the General Store Mission
There are some great new “Boosts” available on the Frontier – but you need to upgrade your general store to get ‘em!
– Get Ten Building Plans (The plans will be used up to complete the mission.)
– Finish Upgrading the General Store

Click “Ask Friends” above to ask your friends for building plans. Click on the general store and then on “Upgrade” to upgrade your general store. You’ll need to request more building materials.

rewards : 100 XP + cherry tree boost

Frontierville Meet the New Boss Mission
So much to do – gotta try out the new boosts, and maybe find somebody to run the general store, now that it’s so much bigger.
– Sell 20 Adult Cows
– Use a Cherry Tree Boost
– Put up 10 Help Wanted Signs (The signs will be used up to complete the mission.)

Cows are available in the market. You should have a Cherry Tree Boost in your inventory, or buy one at the General Store. Click “Ask Friends” above to ask friends for help wanted signs.

rewards : 200 XP + cherry candy

Frontierville You’re Hired Mission
That Hank guy looks like just the ticket! Better scare up some dough and hire him quick…
– Help Hank Out

Click on Hank to offer him the job

rewards : 300 XP + recEipt (general store collectiOn)

Frontierville A Real Knee Slapper Mission
That Hank sure likes to tell some corny jokes! He’s got a huge collection of ‘em!
– Listen to one of Hank’s jokes!
– Collect two Boosted General Store bonuses
– Harvest 20 Sunflowers

Click on Hank again to hear another joke – he’s got new ones all the time! Click on the upgraded general store every day to collect a bonus.

rewards : 400 XP + sale sign

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