Watercolors Three Colors Female Level 17 Walkthrough Solution

By | July 13, 2014

Need solution help to solve the puzzle of watercolors three colors female level 17 walkthrough ? you can find the cheat guide how to beat this pack and earn 3 stars
Watercolors Cheats for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android by ADONIS SOFTWARE SRL-D / Unity

in order to get a perfect 3 stars you will need to complete the level in 12 brush strokes

here’s the step by step solutions how to pass watercolors three colors female level 17 cheats :

this watercolors 3 colors level 17 have a shape of female symbol that contain of 3 colors to fill :
2 red and 1 yellow
it should be easy because the red and yellow colors already available on top, but you need to watch out for the blue color
in order to remove the blue color you must use the combination color, then use the primary color too remove the secondary colors 🙂
start with purple and remove it with yellow,
fill the yellow color

then green and remove it with red
fill the red color