Watercolors Three Colors Male Level 16 Walkthrough Solution

By | July 13, 2014

How to pass the puzzle of watercolors three colors male level 16 walkthrough ? you can find the cheat guide how to beat three colors pack and get 3 stars
Watercolors Cheats for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android by ADONIS SOFTWARE SRL-D / Unity

in order to get a perfect 3 stars you will need to complete level 16 in 6 brush strokes

here’s the step by step solutions how to pass watercolors three colors male level 16 cheats :

this watercolors 3 colors level 16 have a shape of male symbol that contain of 4 colors to fill :
red, yellow and 2 green

fill the red circle, then use the blue color to get a purple
now use the yellow to remove the purple and fill the yellow circle

still dragging the yellow, combine it with blue to get green and fill both green circles