What’s My IQ Solution Level 26 – 50 Cheats

By | September 1, 2012

Cheats for What’s My IQ Solution Level 26 – 50 Cheats ! You might need it if stuck and stressed out, and i think it’s not really iq puzzle because some question just stupid enough 😛

The solutions are simple but are never obvious! Out of the box answers that you can never guess!

whats my iq walkthrough :
level 26 : click x on the triangle
level 27 : drag 4 stars to the ‘stars’ word
level 28 : make -99 by dragging the first line to the up middle, then tap 9 2x
level 29 : drag the pepper shaker under ‘soup’ word, then shake your phone
level 30 : 8 holes
level 31 : to help peter you need to drag all cloud above the dog, then drag peter to the house
level 32 : drag the ‘no smoking’ words to the red circle
level 33 : turn your phone facing down
level 34 : click ‘mistakes’ word then likes’ word
level 35 : press the roll button, sum all numbers 1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21
level 36 : drag the north word to the bottom middle of first 2 compass, then click the first compass
level 37 : hold your phone upside down then drag the dart to all balloons
level 38 : drag the photo frame to the left, and when the star is on the frame click photo button
level 39 : drag cat from ‘catfish’ word, then click cat
level 40 : drag all the campfires on top each other to get biggest campfire then press it
level 41 : using 2 fingers tear apart the cloud
level 42 : tap 20 kg and 10 kg then tilt your phone to left until the scale shows 25
level 43 : drag the top middle fish away to see fish with 2 stripes, press it
level 44 : tap the doorbell 5x (faster)
level 45 : using 2 fingers tear the top right cloud then press the smallest cloud
level 46 : drag away the sun to find the owl
level 47 : enter ‘it’
level 48 : hold the charge button until the batteries charge
level 49 : change the color from left to right : red black red black red then open
level 50 : 18

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