What Do You Get Inside Holiday Presents On FarmVille

By | December 24, 2009

What do you get inside holiday presents on FarmVille ? Well the time is finally come 🙂
It’s time to opent those Holiday Presents ! You didn’t peek, right ?


Click on your Holiday Tree and look inside! Then start opening your presents. Enjoy!

i opened all my presents and found the following list what is inside the presents in farmville :
new year ball
grey tabby
alien cow
brown cow
cocoa bear
clumsy reindeer
black sheep
black cat
golden chicken
black chicken
brown chicken
baby turkey
giant lollipop II
lighted gift box
gold soldier
gold nutcracker
lighted gift box
silver ornament
gold ornament
platinum gnome
golden fountain
1 fuel refill
5 fuel refills
10 fuel refills

So what do you get ? 🙂

  • Julie

    Mystery Box!! 😀
    i just opened a present and got a mystery box^^

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  • Pat

    I opened a gold mystery box and got a chicken lol i lose 5 farmville cash for a chicken lol

  • endsgamer

    i sold most of mine cause i didnt have room for them… the animals were good tho… how did they fit cows in the hat boxes???? and how did they not die? i got a golden chicken too was nicceee

  • Kyle

    From Normal gift boxes I got 2 Blue mystery boxes and a White one.

  • Billy

    I got loads of stuff including all the list there and also x3 mystery box 1 giving me another a baby lamb and something else but if your lucky you can get really good presents. the only thing i didnt get was a golden fountain it was so cool!!!

  • Queen Bella

    maybe the best prize of a present is a chicken? anyway my friend got a alien calf.

  • itta

    i got a dancing snowlady in a blue mystery box!

  • JR

    I got about 120 presents but my favorite was all the fuel. My friend got 108 but I only got 58.