Whats My IQ Level 51 – 60 Solutions

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New update to help you solve the puzzle for whats my iq level 51 – 60 solutions and finish the game faster !

this iq test can make you stress out, so i prepared the walkthrough if you want to pass it smoothly :P

list of answer cheats for this puzzle app :
level 51 : to replace the tires you need to drag the new tire to the back tire
level 52 : quick ? you need to wait until the bomb explode first, then tap the bomb 3x
level 53 : 8, because if you use the math : (3×6) – (2×5) = 8
level 54 : tilt your phone upside down to see the red button on left
level 55 : place the cup start from the bottom up
level 56 : to replace the front tire you must move the front tire, then use the spare tire to replace
level 57 : tap the balloon from small number : 1 – 2 – 3
level 58 : tap coffee 1x, cakes 1x, cola 2x
level 59 : tap the balloon from 1 to 9, the tricky part is you need to get #6 by turn your phone upside down
level 60 : tilt your phone so the red button override and tap the blue button, now you can press the red button

done, now for next 10 level !

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