Whats My IQ Level 61 – 70 Answer

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Don’t want to waste your life with this iq test app ? then read the cheats for whats my iq level 61 – 70 here ! we’ve listed all the correct answers to make it easier for you to pass each puzzle :)

some solution for this puzzle is quite simple, and you don’t need to think hard to solve them

what’s my iq puzzle 61 – 70 walkthrough :
level 61 : the slowest star is the ‘star’ words
level 62 : tap these button to turn on LED : A B C D E
level 63 : click the butterfly
level 64 : click the ‘bicycles’ word 3x
level 65 : click all balloons to burst
level 66 : tilt your phone so the position of the small fish is on the left
level 67 : just tap the balloon with #3
level 68 : first you need to tilt your phone upside down, then tap white arrow
level 69 : tilt your device upside down then tap the middle kid
level 70 : you’re on second position

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