Whats My IQ Level 71 – 80 Walkthrough

By | September 10, 2012

Have a fun and creative way to solve the question of each puzzle game, if you want to pass with cheats just see whats my iq level 71 – 80 walkthrough here !

we will help you with these 10 stage, you can search all levels for this iphone game in this website

what’s my iq cheat :
level 71 : this is random, you need to see where the dice
level 72 : elephant, is the only ‘tame’ animal that you can ride on
level 73 : make the square into diamond, by turning your device 45 degree.. then click it
level 74 : drag the “picture” word into the frame
level 75 : press “change” button until the “backward” word become “forward” then press “go” button
level 76 : click the picture in Alphabet ascending ABC order : Apple Banana Carrot
level 77 : drag the car into the “lot on the right”
level 78 : there’s a missing “.” on this stage, so click “mistake” word
level 79 : press the button until you see “next puzzle”, now click both button together
level 80 : this time you must click in the right ‘total’ apple (1) grape (2) banana (3)

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