Whats My IQ Level 81 – 90 Walkthrough

By | September 9, 2012

Don’t give up if you stuck with some high levels stupid question for this iphone game, because you can see the solution in here whats my iq level 81 – 90 walkthrough !

there are 101 questions you must solve, so you almost get in there ! read all the help here 🙂

what’s my iq answers :
level 81 : it will become 0.32
level 82 : type bird, but watch out for the letters
level 83 : to find the stars you must make the boys dizzy by shaking your phone, then tap the stars above their head
level 84 : you have 2 apples
level 85 : turn your phone upside down, so the bat looks hanging to sleep
level 86 : the answer is on level 83 = 10 stars
level 87 : drag the driver to the left, because the air bubbles are moving that direction
level 88 : drag the square half out from screen to make it looks like rectangular
level 89 : hold the screw, then rotate your phone clockwise
level 90 : move the bottom square at the bottom over the “handicap lot” words, then put the car to it

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