Where to Find Peng In Dead Space 3 There’s Always Peng

By | February 11, 2013

One of the achievements to get 50 G point is there’s always peng, where to find peng in dead space 3 ? peng is a small statue, still not a girl herself that appear in this game

you can find her on chapter 14 on checkpoint select :
optional mission : reaper barracks
to unlock this mission you must find Reaper Barracks Key, which located in the room after the first Rosetta body part

It’s really hidden well, if you don’t know it was there.. you would’ve missed it for sure. Even though you check every corner.
you will see this pop up when you earned the statue :
“you have earned a trophy! there’s always peng!”

After entering reaper barracks find a spiked piston trap, where you can use stasis to slow down the piston
Find Peng figurine located in this tube behind the spiked piston
You can see the little Peng lying on the ground within the tube to the left at the far end
Shoot your telekinesis at peng statue while the piston is slowed and pull it out to safety