White Room Walkthrough Room Escape Game

By | October 31, 2012

white room walkthrough is here for you who stuck with the door and need hint how to pass it !

If you already played kuruma before then try this room escape game on iphone : white room ! it’s the same developer : noprops

you need to escape this door, but beware.. there are 2 other doors inside you need to break with keys !

video cheat guide :

let’s start white room room escape game solution :
take a ballon on the top right of this room
now look for the room with number 5 4
look inside the table drawer for a white bar
click the 0000 numbers to zoom in and look on top right
there’s a hole with an iron, it’s a screwdriver tip that you can get

combine the balloon with the screwdriver to get the screwdriver handle
combine the handle + tip for a screwdriver 🙂
combine the white bar with screwdriver to make handle

back to this room and look under the middle box
unscrew the screws, so you can open the box for an iron
combine iron with screwdriver to make it long
then use it to the the white ball on the top left
combine the ball with the white handle

now go to the room with 2 circles white and black
click the white circle on left and put the handle on the right hole
push it down, then go to the room with number
you’ll see the number hint now : 5248

use the number on the 0000 below and you’ll get a black coin
but there’s a white round around the black, click it to pull it out
go back to the room with circle
now click the black circle and zoom in the middle
use the screwdriver to unscrew the white coin
now combine the white coin with the white round
you will have a big white coin now
go to the left circle and put in the white coin for white key

go to the black circle and put the black coin in the middle
you can open the black circle for a symbol code now
put the number : 423 to get a round black circle
combine the black coin with black circle for a big black coin

go to the left circle and put the black coin for black key

now go to the door and open it with white and black key
you will see a pink door now
click the left and right wall
on the left wall you will see a hint what are the order
and for the right wall you can see 3 shape to press

now click circle 2x square 2x circle 2x triangle 2x and square
you will see the pink key on the door now 🙂 use the key to open !

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