WWE Immortals Evolved Randy Orton Gameplay

By | February 22, 2015

Walkthrough guide for WWE Immortals Evolved Randy Orton Gameplay for talent enhancements, chemistry buffs stats, you can also see the signature attack and finishing move for your character ultimate attack when you have full adrenaline.
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WWE Immortals Gold Characters
Evolved Randy Orton passive is called Legend Killer : “Orton’s poison deal more damage every time he KOs a Gold-Tier enemy”.


wwe immortals Evolved Randy Orton possible chemistry :
allies :
– paige (dark sorceress)
– paige (banshee knight)
– brock lesnar (beast incarnate)
– brcok lesnar (cyborg)
– triple h (king of kings)
– triple h (the authority)
– the rock (stone watcher)

rivals :
– big show (giant)
– big show (lumberjack)
– kane (the demon)
– john cena (soldier)
– john cena (evolved)
– roman reigns (hound of justice)
– roman reigns (centurion)
– trish stratus (white witch)

there are 3 signature attack for the Evolved Randy Orton :
1. venomous backbreaker
2. swinging neckbreaker
3. RKO