WWE Immortals The Rock Stone Watcher Gameplay

By | January 22, 2015

Walkthrough guide for WWE Immortals The Rock Stone Watcher Gameplay for talent enhancements, chemistry buffs stats, you can also see the signature attack and finishing move for your character ultimate attack when you have full adrenaline.
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WWE Immortals Silver Characters
Stone Watcher The Rock – Electrifying Tactics : When the Rock hits with a signature attack, he deals 25% more damage with basic combos.

wwe immortals stone watcher the rock possible chemistry :
allies :
– sheamus (celtic warrior)
– kane (the demon)
– undertaker (deadman)
– sheamus (ancient druid)
– undertaker (necromancer)

rivals :
– big show (giant)
– brock lesnar (beast incarnate)
– john cena (soldier)
– big show (lumberjack)
– brock lesnar (cyborg)
– john cena (evolved)

there are 3 signature attack for the rock :
1. electrifying suplex
the rock harnesses his elemental power and crashes his opponent into the ground
2. the people’s eyebrow
the rock flashes some of his trademark charisma to boost his speed, unblockable
3. rock bottom
the rock flies high and layeth the smack down on his opponent

wwe immortals the rock stone watcher finishers moves