Zombie Invasion Escape Walkthrough

By | June 4, 2013

Part 2 with more puzzles to solve and numbers challenges to complete ! with zombie invasion escape walkthrough you will know how to open the safe, get the number to open box and use the code for the keypad !
you can see the exit sign with door lock, all you need to do is to find the key to open this lock !

here are the cheats for zombie invasion escape solutions :

click the left side to get :
– gun on chair
– sledgehammer on shelf

use the sledgehammer on right wall to get a paper, also click the trashcan for another paper
look behind the shelf, there’s a zombie.. kill it with hammer
pick up a key from him


open the door on right side
look on the table for number 56382272
pick up a corkscrew on the cabinet

go inside the left room and look on the red box on ground
use the pattern on the paper to open the box and get a door handle inside

back to the zombie that you killed outside
put the door handle on the door then open it
press the shelf and complete the puzzle to open it
inside you can get a butterfly and bullet
drag the bullet to the gun

select the hammer to hit the brick wall on the corner
go inside and there’s a zombie hand that you can ignore, just pick up the tool on the shelf

go out to the room right to the shelf
click the white chair and use the tool to remove the bolts that connect the chair to the floor
zoom out and tap the chair to remove it so you can open the door
use your gun to kill the zombie
pick up :
– ladder
– coin from zombie
– butterfly on shelf

back to the 1st room with fireplace
look above fireplace, there are 2 spot to put the butterfly on
place them and take a mace weapon

put the ladder on the right corner near the cabinet
click the top of the cabinet to get a flashlight

back to the room with brick wall hole and use the flashlight to see the zombie
select the mace weapon to kill it
get a coin from the zombie and on shelf there are key and screwdriver

go out from the brick room and use the key to open the briefcase
get a gun and ammo, then combine them

go to the fireplace room and get the ladder to inventory
go to the room with red box on left
put the ladder in the middle and unscrew the vent by using the screwdriver
climb up and look inside, use flashlight to see a zombie
use the gun to kill the zombie and pick up another flashlight, and coin from her

go out to the exit door
on the right you can find a telephone box
put in 3 coins and enter the number from the note : 56382272
you will get a paper with numbers : 23 – 11 – 86

go into the brick wall room again
use flashlight and look on the right wall and change the number into 23 11 86
get a shotgun and key

go to the right room with the white chair
unlock the cage with the key and use shotgun to kill the zombie with suit
get a note from him
y = 60
xx = 20

back to the fireplace
tap the painting to reveal a safe box
use the new flashlight on the paper with pins
it will reveal hidden numbers and letters : 30RyLxxR10L
now replace the y and xx so you will get :
30R 60L 20R 10L

to open the safe in this zombie invasion escape you must :
press right side until it stop on 30
press left side until it stop on 60
press right side until it stop on 20
press left side until it stop on 10
get a blacklight inside

you need to find a battery to charge the blacklight
go to the exit door and look on the shelf with radio
use screwdriver to open the radio and get the yellow circle out
combine it with the white tool

go to the room with white chair and cage
look on the hole in the floor from the white chair
use the tool to get 4 batteries from the holes
then drag all 4 batteris to the blacklight to make it fully charged

use blacklight on the briefcase where you get the gun, a number will appear 71
look above the cabinet where you find the first flashlight : 24

go to the box where you can find a box of cigars
open it with code : 7124
get a vial and use corckscrew to open and get a note : 2Y, R, 3G, B


look on the wall above the dead zombie
using the paper hint you need to hold and click the white circle for 10 seconds
you will see a keypad, use the blacklight to reveal some colors on numbers
1 = red
6 = green
9 = yellow
0 = blue
so press 9916660 to get a key

go to the exit door and use the key to open the lock out !

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