Zombie Invasion T-Virus Walkthrough

By | May 18, 2013

Need help solving the numbers or stuck on some floors for zombie invasion game ny amphibius developers ? we have step by step zombie invasion t-virus walkthrough right here, so when you need a solution to solve some puzzle just find the answers below 😀

here are first quest of chapter 1: zombie invasion t-virus solutions

go to floor 2 and get a baseball bat in front of the door
get into room 2 and take the umbrella hanging on the left
remember the numbers : 77-9-63 on the right mirror

go forward there’s a zombie, use your bat on him
take a key from the zombie
look on the left stove, get the blue knob and click the bottle to break and get the paper

go outside, then use the key on door 3
get a key from the man

go to floor 1 and use this key to open the emergency box
get an axe and medical kid box

go back to room 3, the man will turned into zombie now
use the axe to kill him
get a gun on the ground
look right, get the orange knob and open the box under the table to get bullets and paper
open inventory drag the bullets to the gun

go to floor 3 and use gun to shoot 2 zombies
go inside room 5 and get a green knob near the zombie leg
open the door and look these items inside bathroom :
– gun
– yellow knob
– knife
remember the numbers on the wall :
972, 875, 788, 710, 639, …
it’s a pattern, where the next numbers are : 875

go out and look on the green electrical panel
open the paper, where you will see the correct position for each color
place the knob like these :
– red
– yellow, blue, green

go to floor 5 and get a lock cutter
back to floor 1 and use the lock cutter to cut the lock
go inside where you will see a zombie laying down as experiment
press the projector connector and place the paper from inventory to the projector
you will see the number : 4428
look on the zombie head, take the shotgun bullet

go to floor 4 and unlock the door lock with code : 4428
use the gun to kill all the zombies
get a crowbar on zombies pile 😛
click the zombie with green suit, take a blue tube and use knife to cut his finger

click on the briefcase on table, open it with code 875 to get a crossbow
click on the floor with bars and use the lock cutter to cut the bars and get a flashlight

go to floor 5 and use crowbar to open the crate and get some arrow
open inventory and drag the arrow to the crossbow
back to floor 1, use the crowbar to open the boards under the stairs
use the flashlight to see the dark area and get a shotgun

click inventory and drag the bullets to the shotgun
go to floor 2, room 2 and use the flashlight to the left room
you will see a woman zombie, use shotgun to kill her
click the levers on the wall change them into : 77 9 63
get a green tube inside and a paper with numbers : 3064

back to floor 1 and open the red suitcase with this code :
top : triangle – circle – hexagon – square
bottom : 3064
get a red tube and card

go to floor 5 and open the door with :
card and finger
inside you can get a syringe on the table

back to floor 1 and look at the zombie, it’s awake
use crossbow to kill him
use the syringe on him and get a blood sample

back to floor 5
tap the microscope and put the blood sample, then look at it
see the colors of red – cyan – yellow – blue

look at the corner, where you can find a purple tube and 3 empty spot
place all the tube
now change the color and V into :
red cyan yellow blue

click the tube and finish !

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